The New Ponto Plus, Created with You in Mind

The New Ponto Plus, Created with You in Mind. The new baha ponto plus is here yaa!!!


Aaron’s Story, Part III: The Journey to Getting a Ponto

Part 3 and a Surprise from my wife

Oticon Medical

We spoke to Aaron not too long ago, a couple weeks before he was set to get his Ponto. Those weeks moved slowly for Aaron as he eagerly anticipated the day that finally came last week– the day that he got to snap on his new Ponto Pro.

So, what’s changed for Aaron?

A lot. But, what he’s realized is that it’s many little things that are making up a very big change. It started with getting used to the volume of his own voice.  “I was overwhelmed at how I could hear. I had to take a moment in the elevator to collect myself,” Aaron shared.

Then, he focused on what he could hear. He was surprised at the distinct sound of tires bumping along the freeway as he road to the airport for a trip to Vegas. “I went to the airport after I got setup, and…

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